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Gather around for a traditional pig roast

A pig roast is a time-honored way to gather with friends and family to enjoy good food, fun, and socialization. The next time you are getting together with the people you love, leave the cooking to us and indulge in a traditional pig roast feast perfect for a small tailgating party, a large graduation celebration, or anything in between.


When planning your event, all you need to decide is where you are going to be and how large you want your feast to be.

We will come to you

Our pig roasts are perfect in our indoor or outdoor catering facilities, but if you are staying in your own space, we will come to you with our portable pig roaster, your entire feast, and a professional staff to help your event go smoothly.

Enjoy a feast

•Corn on the cob

•Salt potatoes

•Pasta salad

•Hamburgers and hot dogs


Whether you are getting together with a small group or need to feed a crowd, our pig roasts provide a spread of sumptuous flavors to satisfy everyone.


Call us today to bring an indulgent pig roast to your next gathering


How big is your appetite?

We offer a variety of pig roast options to ensure your guests are satisfied. Choose from the Roasted Pig Only, Basic Pig Roast, or Full Pig Roast. Call us to find out more about the picnic menus that can complement your roasted pig.

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